What clients are saying...

Toral’s powerful coaching presence empowered me to find a new direction for myself, and to confidently take a career step I had been fearing for months.
— EN, Former tech industry leader in California

Toral provides a beautiful grounded presence that creates a secure atmosphere in which I could show up fully. Her skillful listening, questioning, and reflecting offered me an opportunity to grow in my confidence over a short period of time.
— JA, Nonprofit leader in Wisconsin

I have had the good fortune to have Toral coach me through some difficult and life changing decisions. She has demonstrated keen insight at every turn in our coaching relationship and I am so appreciative of her excellent skills. Toral is a wonderful listener and puts her mindfulness into practice in everything she does.
— NW, Attorney in Wisconsin

The time I’ve spent being coached by Toral has been instrumental in forming and reforming my actions as a leader and father. Her work uncovered and organized the areas that were most important while yet difficult to focus on individually. Toral’s work led us to address them with ease in such a way that I have deep ownership over the best path to take now and how to address similar future developments.
— ES, Engineer in Tennessee

Without [Toral’s] support, guidance and personal empowerment I don’t think I’d have taken as many steps to work on saying “no,” drawing better boundaries and building confidence...[Her] integration of mindfulness and meditation are a great style for coaching!
— KK, Local government professional in Wisconsin

I went into the coaching experience thinking that I wanted help in making one decision. Toral helped me look a lot deeper and find the real question I was asking, and supported me while making that decision.
— KC, Full-time parent in California

I was so very stuck! In my quest to move forward, Toral and I began our coaching partnership and with her warm nature, insightful questions, and unwavering support and encouragement I was able to find the best path and next steps that I needed to take...and took them. I am now in a much better place and very grateful to have her as a coach.
— JW, Program management professional in Wisconsin

My coaching experience with Toral has been life changing. I’m glad I made the investment in my future. It benefits myself and everyone that I will interact with.
— AW, Business owner and wellness practitioner in Wisconsin