As you prepare for your organization or team’s next milestones, you may find benefit from working with an experienced consultant to facilitate meetings, trainings, retreats and related organizational initiatives.  A consultant can support:

  • Creating a shared vision

  • Exploring new possibilities and understanding challenges

  • Learning from key successes and fostering strengths

  • Deepening culture and strengthening effectiveness

  • Developing clear and focused actions

Although internal resources may be available, a consultant can promote a diversity of perspectives, creativity, and collaboration by facilitating a process that ensures meaningful and authentic participation by all leaders and team members.


By leveraging coaching approaches and mindfulness training techniques, TLJ Coaching and Consulting provides customized workshops focused on these topics for your group or team:

Leadership and Presence.jpg
  • Leadership

  • Presence

  • Self-awareness

  • Resilience

  • Effective communication


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