Leadership and Life Coaching

Coaching is an evidence-based, individualized process that helps you get from where you are to where you want to go.  It is distinct from therapy, mentoring, consulting, and training and holds you as the expert.  Coaching maintains that you have the wisdom for change right within you and/or your organization.

Sometimes, however, we need support in illuminating, understanding, and becoming present with our truths.  As your coach, I partner with you to connect with your strengths, values, and possibility - challenging old ways of thinking and inspiring new awareness and action.

You might find coaching beneficial if you are:

  • Sensing there is something more to the meaning and purpose of your life or work

  • Embarking on a new venture, but uncertain about the process

  • Feeling stuck in making new commitments or goals

  • Wanting greater presence and wellness

  • Seeking more effective communication strategies

  • Striving to improve important relationships

While these experiences are common, the outcomes are very personal.  Through our coaching partnership you will:

  • Grow beyond old coping mechanisms and habits so you can be present with what is most important

  • Broaden your perspective and your possibilities

  • Harness your creative energy, strengths and wisdom to move forward on your journey

  • Make conscious choices about how you show up

  • Create accountability and move toward desired results


Let's explore what's important to you. Contact me for an introductory session today.